Avyron Aviation Presenting in San Francisco

Avyron is excited to be traveling and bringing the best in aviation safety to San Francisco. We are proud to have a strong variety of items to showcase to the aviation community in the area. A majof focus of this trip is our local small businesses. Small business charter operators look to benefit massively from this type of technology. With the amount of traffic seen in San Francisco, accidents are bound to happen. With Avyron, we just help to make sure that they do not happen to you!

Event Overview:

Event Information

Location of Event: KSAN Landmark Aviation
Length of Event: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Lunch Included: Simple Bar Service
Benefit Given: All of our attendees will receieve a free 12 month usage of our aviation safety management system and a free training course for any office staff.
Maximum Seating: 30 Business Owners. Please refrain from bringing your assistants or team members. We want as many companies as possible to be there for the event.

Event Overview

Avyron is a full service aviation software developer. Our software is found everywhere from helping parts shops keep track of overhauls to organizing passenger travel for regionals. However, we are very excited to be releasing a massive safty suite for use in the private aviation industry. This saftey suite will begin at the personnel level and proceed to the management level. At the San Francisco event, we plan to show the newest safety tools in a video as well as with a live presentation. Following this, we will have a special presentation.

Special Presentaion-
"How to Get Safer Charters"

Emma Wade from GiveJet Jet charters is going to review their unique safety matrix with the attendees. Their are over 100 times the number of private aviation accidents than comercial aviation and the reason is clear, some brokers are not taking the time to check on their aircraft of choice. While this is not directly the brokers job, Emma will give local examples to discuss how GiveJet has taken steps to make San Francisco Jet Charter a safer option.