Avyron Aviation Presenting in Palm Beach

Our current presentation cycle is going to be a huge boost to the Palm Beach aviation community. Some of the systems that we are most excited to show off include the online VR trainer which will take advantage of Occulus Rift technology while showcasing our companies. We look forward to showcasing the specific ways that we will be able to improve aviation safety in Palm Beach.

Event Overview:

Event Information

Location of Event: PBI Atlantic Aviation
Length of Event: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Lunch Included: Continental Breakfast
Benefit Given: All of our attendees will receieve a free 12 month usage of our aviation safety management system.
Maximum Seating: 20 Business Owners. Please refrain from bringing your assistants or team members. We want as many companies as possible to be there for the event.

Event Overview

This event is going to consist of a wide variety of ways in which the aviation community is going to be able to be safer in their endeavors. Our main outreach is to charter brokers who are not ARGUS or AirNav certified. One of the most important parts of creating a safe environment is the active nature of team members. When businesses get lazy, danger thrives. The Avyron team will present our newest products in a video format, have breakfast with the attendees, and answer questions in a round robin format. Following this, we will have a special presentation.

Special Presentaion-
"How to Get Safer Charters"

Stephanie Davis from GiveJet Jet charters is going to review their unique safety matrix with the attendees. Their are over 100 times the number of private aviation accidents than comercial aviation and the reason is clear, some brokers are not taking the time to check on their aircraft of choice. While this is not directly the brokers job, Stephanie will give local examples to discuss how GiveJet has taken steps to make Palm Beach Jet Charter a safer option.